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Batty treat bag

Batty treat bag v2 - batty treat bagCollect candy in style and leave the pillow case at home!

You’ll Need:

fabric grocery bag
8” x 10” white self-adhesive foam sheet
6 black feathers (3 different sizes)
3 black miniature pompoms
6 googly eyes
white glue


1. Trace around the outside of a salad plate with a pencil onto the back of a white self-adhesive foam sheet and cut out with scissors. Don’t peel off backing yet.

2. Poke three holes through the foam circle in different spots.

3. Dip the stems of two black feathers in glue and stick through one of the holes. Push the feather stems on each pair flat so ends point in opposite directions on the front of your circle.

4. Glue two googly eyes on three pompoms and let dry.

5. Glue one googly-eyed pompom in the centre of each pair of feather “wings” to make the bat bodies.

6. Peel off the adhesive backing on the circle and stick to the front of the fabric shopping bag. Add a pumpkin or other Halloween sticker if you like! (available at craft or dollar stores).

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2012.

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