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Book Review: ‘Time for Kids Big Book of How’ and ‘That’s Incredible!’

Homework has broken your brain.

You’ve hauled home dozens of books already this school year, gone through piles and piles of paper and pencils, and worked on problems and essay questions and pop quizzes. You’ve studied and experimented and erased and re-written. Now your brain has all these little cracks in it and you can hardly think anymore. Time for Kids Big Book of How Review- Parents Canada

So maybe it’s time to give your broken brain a break by doing something fun. Why not head for your favorite curl-up place with “Big Book of How” and “That’s Incredible!”, two new books by the Time for Kids folks.

Okay, so admit it: learning is kind of fun. And it’s even better when you don’t feel like you’re learning anything, which is where the Time for Kids books come in.

Let’s say, for instance, that you think Komodo Dragons are very cool. You’d like to have one in your back yard but you might want to reconsider because Komodo Dragons are deadly creatures. Find out just how deadly in these two books.

Or let’s say you’ve noticed the weird weather around the country this year, and you’d like to know how it happens and how to stay safe. You’ll learn a lot about weather, as well as space and geography.

Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to become a doctor someday. With “Big Book of How” and “That’s Incredible!” you’ll learn lots of cool things about your body, including what goes on in your head and your hands, how loud music hurts your ears, and how to make a stethoscope that really works.

Perhaps, though, you’re a kid who likes sports more than anything. Well, these two books gotcha covered. Check out the life-size picture of Shaq’s hand, sports oopses, and almost everything you ever need to know about a baseball bat.

But what if you don’t know what you want to read about?  “Big Book of How” and “That’s Incredible!” are perfect for reading a little here and a little there, excellent for skipping around til something catches your eye, and awesome for finding activities that look fun to do. And, of course, these books are great for relaxing.

Which is great for keeping your brain from breaking – again.

You know how it is: you can’t work all the time and neither can your child. That’s why these books are nice to have around during the school year. “Big Book of How” and “That’s Incredible!” are simple escapes for curious kids.

With lots of color pictures, small bites of information, easy activities, and subjects they’ll love learn more about, these books are just the right thing for kids who want leisure reading that doesn’t require a lot of follow-along. I like books like these, in fact, because they’re brief, browse-able, and they give kids just enough information to spark their inquisitiveness.

“Big Book of How” is perfect for 9-to-12-year-olds, while “That’s Incredible!” will please older middle-schoolers. If your young scholar has been working hard this school year, look for these books and give the kid a break.

  c.2011, TIME for Kids Books, $17.95 / $19.95 Canada, 192 pages

“Time for Kids That’s Incredible!” c.2011, TIME for Kids Books $19.95 / $21.95, Canada, 208 pages

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