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Brooke Burke-Charvet on parenting and life without limitations

Brooke Burke-Charvet On Parenting And Life Without Limitations - Parents Canada

 Brooke burke - brooke burke-charvet on parenting and life without limitations 

Actress, fitness expert and mom of four, Brooke Burke, knows what it means to juggle work, family and health. As an ambassador for Poise, Brooke wants to lessen the taboo surrounding Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) so that women can live life without limitations.

“I make health and fitness a big part of my life because I feel better as a woman. It’s not just vanity – I really believe it’s the mind, body and soul. It’s kind of my ‘me’ time, so that makes me a more patient mother, and probably a nicer wife and better friend. When it comes to work/ life balance I don’t have a busy social life because I make the choice to stay at home with my family as much as possible. I love to work and I’m totally committed to my kids so I juggle.

“Tips for moms who want to find balance? I think having conversations with your kids is really important. You know, here’s where I’m going to be and here’s what I’m going to be doing. Technology and social media has made it even easier to stay connected with my kids, so we’ll send each other pictures and funny messages. Then, I really try to make up for it when I’m home. It takes a lot of organization, and when I do have to be away for work, I sit down and talk to my kids about that because I believe a woman can be a mom and a working woman if she chooses to be.

“I think LBL is a really important and delicate subject, and has been embarrassing for a lot of women. I’ve always been outspoken about the journey of a woman, and motherhood (the good and the bad). The goal is to help women do what they want to do without LBL slowing them down.”

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April/May 2016.

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