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Chantal Kreviazuk talks about her love of teachers

Chantal kreviazuk - chantal kreviazuk talks about her love of teachersIf singing and
seems like a
busy life, try
adding three
sons to the mix.
(who is married
to Our Lady
Peace frontman
Raine Maida)
talks parenting
and her love of

As mom to sons Rowan, 9, Luca, 8, and Sal, 5, Chantal has had her share of parent-teacher
experiences. She says these pros deserve quite a bit of respect.

“I love developing relationships with my kids’ teachers. I am so humbled by teachers and their
commitment and skill set, and what they mean to this world. I’m truly so inspired and grateful for them.
I know what they do, and I’m like, ‘How do you do that?’ I’m so blown away. I’m really drawn to the
teachers. I don’t think they can even know how excited I am by their existence and what they do. I try to
let them know and try to be generous in any way that I can in the classroom, or if they need things, or just
supporting them and befriending them. I’ve really had such an incredible privilege of becoming friendly
with my children’s teachers.
“Some parents look at teachers like they’re ‘the help’ or that they’re working for the parent. They’re not.
The reality is that every kid is not going to, every year, have this dreamy relationship with the teacher, but
that’s not life, either. If parents are feeling frustrated with teachers, my reccomendation is to simply ask
questions regarding issues you are concerned about. Ask questions.” – As told to Amy Bielby

This summer, Chantal participated in the selection committee for
Walmart’s Mom of the Year award. Her favourite “mom qualities”
include resiliency, grace, integrity and strength when facing adversity.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, August/September 2013.

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