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Child’s garden apron

Keep your child’s clothes stain-free with this one-of-a-kind apron.

You’ll need:

One tea towel with a pattern on both front and back
2 yards of cotton tape or good ribbon
Fabric paints


1. On wrong side of tea towel measure and mark 16 cm (6″) in along the top, and 21 cm (8″) down, on both sides.
2. Fold corners of tea towel in on marks. Pin.
3. Leaving a 3 cm (1″) channel for tape, machine stitch along fold.
4. Turn tea towel over so right side is face up and turn bottom edge up 16 cm (6″), stitch edges to secure and create pocket.
5. Divide pocket into three, pin and stitch two lines creating three pockets.
6. Thread tape through bottom of one channel opening and then through the top of other, creating neck.
7. Using different colours of child-friendly fabric paint, draw flowers or leaves or whatever your little heart desires on the front of the apron.

*** Be sure to lay heavy paper down underneath the apron (and inside the pockets) when painting as the paint will go through the fabric.

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