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Clothespin sunburst mirror and clothespin airplanes

Simple, wooden clothespins are a versatile craft supply.

Clothespin mirror - clothespin sunburst mirror and clothespin airplanesFor Grown-Ups: Sunburst Mirror

You’ll Need:

  • one round mirror
  • wooden clothes pins
  • fabric dye
  • white glue 

1. Lay the clothespins around the mirror frame to ensure you have enough to complete the sunburst before you get underway. Try centering a bowl or plate on the mirror so the pins can be equally spaced around the frame, and the same distance from the centre when their ends butted up to the edge of the bowl.

2. Following the directions on the packet of fabric dye, soak all your pins in the dye, stirring occasionally with a metal spoon. We soaked our pins in simmering dye for about 30 minutes. The bamboo will not look like it’s soaking up much colour, but when you remove them to dry, the colour will darken and the texture of the wood will create a striated finish.

3. When all the pins are completely dry, glue them one by one to the mirror frame with white glue using the bowl or plate as your guide.

4. Hang in your hallway, living room or powder room so everyone can enjoy.

Clothespin airplane - clothespin sunburst mirror and clothespin airplanes

For Kids: Airplanes

You’ll Need:

  • wooden clothes pins
  • coloured wooden craft sticks
  • acrylic paints in assorted colours
  • white glue
  • emery board
  • buttons

1. Paint each clothes pin one solid colour to make the body of the plane.

2. When paint is dry, glue two craft sticks on the top of the clothespin on either side of the metal-spring clip and two on the underside in the same positions.

3. Cut one craft stick in half and round the cut ends by filing it with an emery board.

4. Glue one of the short pieces on the rear of the plane’s topside for the tail, and one to the tips of the clip at the front for the propellors. Centre and glue one button on the propellor, if desired.

Tip: Make lots of airplanes and hang with fishing thread to make a mobile.


Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, June 2015.

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