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Dragon’s head

Your child can puff like a magic dragon this Halloween with this homemade dragon’s head.

You’ll need:

1 green bathing cap
4 paper cone cup
1 packet clear
1 packet green glitter
1 packet blue glitter
rubber cement
spray adhesive
spray fixative


1. Cover the wig stand with plastic wrap to protect
it from getting covered with adhesive and glitter.
Stretch bathing cap over plastic-wrapped head.

2. Using rubber cement, glue the open end of each
paper cone to the bathing cap in a row from front to
back. Hold firmly in place until each cup is secure.

3. Spray the entire cap and cones with adhesive.

4. Sprinkle with sequins and glitter until the cap is
covered. Let dry and shake off any excess glitter or
sequins onto newsprint. Spray with fixative.

5. Peel away the cap from the styrofoam head very
slowly and carefully when you’re ready to go. Some
glitter will likely fall away as the cap contracts and
stretches, so cover your eyes and stand over some
newspaper as you pull it onto your head.

Just add: some green face paint, a green turtleneck (put it
on before the cap) and you’ll have a dragon that everyone
will respect.

Dragon head - dragon's head

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2013.

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