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Egg yolk candles

Light up your home with these egg yolk candles.

You’ll need:


white candle wax

tiny floating yellow
tea light


1. Carefully break off the
top of the narrower end
of an egg and empty out
the insides over a bowl.
(You can set aside and
save the insides for some
after-craft baking).

2. Gently break away
the edges to make the
opening wider, leaving
about two thirds of the
egg in tact. Wash out the
egg with warm water
and let dry.

3. Sit dry egg shells in an
empty egg carton with
the opening facing up.

4. Help your child melt
white candle wax and
pour into each egg shell,
filling it about one third
of the way up.

5. When the white wax
is starting to cool, but
while it is still soft, drop a
small yellow tealight into
the centre and let it sink
slowly into the white wax
making the “yolk”.

6. Let cool.

Egg candles 400x430 v2 - egg yolk candles

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2013.

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