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Festive centrepiece


a small square glass vase
blue and white ribbons (various widths and hues)
hot glue gun or double-sided tape


1. Measure and cut strips of various ribbons long enough to wrap around your vase with a slight overlap at the back. Cut ribbons ends on an angle.

2. Starting at the bottom of the vase, wrap ribbons all the way around and glue/tape at the back. Repeat using alternating coloured ribbons until you reach the top. Do not overlap the ribbons. Place them one above another until you’re done.

3.  If you like the woven look; wait until the glue is set on the horizontal ribbons, then weave different widths of ribbons from top to bottom and hot glue on the bottom of the vase and on the inside of the top of the vase. Repeat until you’re happy with the results.

* If you use a hot glue gun, the ribbon and glue will peel easily off the glass vase when the festivities are over.


Festive centrepiece v2 - festive centrepiece

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