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Gifts Our Favourite TV Dads Would Want for Father’s Day

TV Dads Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts

We’ve all watched them live their fictional lives. They can inspire, console or temporarily relieve us of our burdens through laughter. So, we wondered, what would our favourite TV dads want for Father’s Day? We had the best time making picks for these characters (plus, we’re giving some of these gifts away! Head over to Instagram to enter).

Great tv father in need of a thoughtful gift

Danny Tanner (Full House, 1987 to 1995)

Our pick: Mr. Laline Eau De Toilette ($69)

The beautiful San Francisco backdrop (with “Everywhere you look” echoing in your ears) made Friday night viewing of Full House almost mandatory. The heartwarming story of a single father raising daughters found ways to hit us right in the feels. Danny Tanner coupled an on-air news job with child-rearing in a frantically funny manner. When Danny re-entered the dating world, he’d clearly wanted to be smelling nice, because for a single father, love just doesn’t fall into the open anchor chair.

Laline’s Mr. Laline Eau De Toilette brings a fresh scent that will make all the father figures in your life feel like they just won San Francisco’s Bachelor of the Month competition.

Smell nice with this thoughtful father's day gift

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Even homer deserves a thoughtful father's day gift

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons, 1989 to present )

Our pick: Decathalon 4-Person Tent ($250)

 Some people marvel at the fact this show is still on the air, but almost everyone has memories of the world’s favourite animated family. Thirty-four seasons and counting can only be the result of a captivating crew of relatable characters, presented in ways that resonate with all who watch. Homer is a family man trying to live the “American Dream” (with maybe a less-than-ideal dose of intellect). From the first season we saw the lengths he would go to one-up his neighbour (stupid Flanders)—one such instance leading to the Simpsons family getting trapped in the woods.

If only they had this tent. There would have been no bee stings or bigfoot sightings had Homer been able to take the short time needed to pitch this tent. This pick is spacious and durable, with lightning quick pitching and striking. Still lots of camping time left in 2023!

Thoughtful father's day gift

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Tonymicelli - gifts our favourite tv dads would want for father’s day

Tony Micelli (Who’s The Boss, 1984 to 1992)

Our pick: Kilne The Knife Set ($315) and cutting board ($45)

 Years were spent watching Tony make his way into the Bower family. Keeping the household in check, we all laughed at his follies as he forged relationships with Angela, Mona and Jonathan (when he wasn’t helicopter-parenting his daughter, Samantha). Plus, the laundry was always done, the floors were always clean, and there was a great meal waiting in the kitchen.

So, what better and thoughtful Father’s Day gift for the dad who loves to cook than a top notch knife set and cutting board? Kilne has this covered with a six-piece chromium German steel set and acacia wood cutting board. Tools this beautiful and reliable will make him feel like the former second baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals. Or maybe he’ll just chop better, ay oh, oh ay.

Thoughtful father's day gift

These and other great kitchen aids can be found at

 Gomezaddams - gifts our favourite tv dads would want for father’s day

Gomez Addams (The Addams Family, 1964 to 1966)

Our pick: Laline Bergamot Lemon Scented Candle ($29)  

There have been many iterations of The Addams Family over the years, but none can compare to the original. Gomez led the Addams clan through a few zany seasons of sheer absurdity, with his whimsical, adorable nature, making even the most macabre scenarios funny. His over-the-top bravado should show us all that confidence can make our own weirdness seem normal. 

In an odd house of strange relatives, interesting pets and bouquets of thorny rose stems, candles are in heavy use. They light the way for Lurch’s harpsichord melodies, and probably helped Cousin It to see something through all that hair. A great scent is a must, too. Laline brings a bergamot lemon aroma to any room with this pick. Neat. Sweet. Petite.

Great father's day gift

This candle and other great body care items can be found at
  Phildunphy - gifts our favourite tv dads would want for father’s day

Phil Dunphy (Modern Family, 2009 to 2020)

Our pick: Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ($89.99)

This long-running showcase of three different but related families brought us some great characters. (Who would have ever thought Al Bundy could reinvent himself?) Taking comical approaches to real-life trials and tribulations, we were all able to witness countless life events unfold with the perfect actor in each role. Phil Dunphy muddles in real estate while trying to be the cool dad to his three children. His “peer-enting” usually culminated in embarrassment. But, his kids still clung to him and heeded his advice (for the most part), just showing that unbreakable bonds can be formed with the silliest methods.

Phil would have been all over Nintendo’s newest Legend of Zelda masterpiece, Tears of the Kingdom. He could hone his magic skills while exploring the vast open world of Hyrule, showing the kids who’s boss (until they quickly surpass him in skill). Most people agree that Nintendo is the most consistent video game brand out there, as nary a bad Mario or Zelda game has seen the light of day. Tears of the Kingdom continues this trend in glorious fashion and would make a thoughtful Father’s Day gift for any gaming dad in your life (or one that just wants to look cool!).

Cool dad's play games

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