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My routine for getting my son to brush his teeth

Now that Sam is getting older, I’m working with him to become more self-sufficient when it comes to hygiene. Since I know busy mornings are in store with back to school around the corner, I’ve been working with him to get in a good routine. School success includes both our bedtime and morning routines.

Sonicare spaceshipsandlaserbeams 1 - my routine for getting my son to brush his teeth

What I’ve Been Doing at Bedtime…

After dinner and cleanup is done, we start transitioning towards bedtime. After toy pick is up done, Sam gets on his pajamas and we head to brush teeth. We’ve recently started using the Philips Sonicare for Kids. It’s a fun — and effective — toothbrush just for kids. With a two minute timer and kid-friendly musical tones, it encourages Sam to be effective in his brushing. After his teeth are done, we read and snuggle together until it’s time for lights out.

Why I Love Philips Sonicare for Kids

  • It’s a kid-friendly power toothbrush that is gentle but effective for cleaning their teeth.
  • The two minute timer with musical tones encourages kids to brush longer.
  • It comes with eight large sticker face plates so kids can customize their toothbrush handle.

Sonicare spaceshipsandlaserbeams 2 - my routine for getting my son to brush his teeth

What I’ve Been Doing in the Morning…

After a good night’s rest, Sam is ready to tackle the day. This summer, I’ve been teaching him to make his bed in the morning. Once that is done, it’s time to eat breakfast. I use our time in the kitchen together to talk about our upcoming day and give Sam any reminders he needs about the day ahead. Once breakfast is over, Sam gets himself dressed and brushes his teeth with his Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush. I’m always glad knowing that his teeth are healthy and his breath is fresh before he heads off for his day.

As Sam has been given more responsibility, it’s great to see him step up to the challenge. He is always proud {not to mention darling!} when he gets himself ready. Being allowed to personalize his toothbrush has made him more excited about brushing. Utilizing the music tones feature also ensures he’ll brush the entire two minutes. He also loves the way the electric toothbrush feels on his teeth! As his mom, I’m glad he’s enjoying our routine and that he’s brushing so happily.

Sonicare spaceshipsandlaserbeams 3 - my routine for getting my son to brush his teeth

Your turn: how do you encourage your kids to brush their teeth?


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