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Hardball cookies

Baseball cookies craft - hardball cookies

You’ll Need

  • your favourite sugar cookie recipe
  • round cookie cutter
  • white frosting
  • red frosting
  • small sealable plastic bag
  • scissors


1. Following the recipe for your favourite cookie, cut the rolled out dough into circles with a round cookie cutter.

2. Bake as per recipe. Let cool.

3. Spread a thin layer of white frosting on the top of each cookie and let dry.

4. Partially fill a small plastic sandwich bag with red frosting and cut a tiny hole on one of the bottom corners to use as a pastry bag.

5. Decorate each cookie by gently squeezing the frosting bag to form two curved lines, one on either side of the top. Then squirt tiny lines of frosting running diagonally out from each of the curved lines to represent the stitching on a hardball.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, June/July 2014.


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