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How to have a great Mother’s Day

You’d think Mother’s Day would be a day where you, mom, get to do whatever you want. But if your dreams of sleeping in and having your family make you breakfast in bed aren’t in the cards, there are still a few ways to have an enjoyable Mother’s Day. So rally the troops, put those feet up and enjoy a day just for mom – you deserve it!
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Discuss your ideal Mother’s Day with your partner. The only way your partner will be able to meet your expectations for the day is if you communicate what you want. Your spouse may be great, but it’s unlikely they’re mind readers. If you want a barbeque in your honour or have an hour to yourself, let them know. 
Talk to your mom and mother-in-law about what they want to do. Your mom can only make it to so many brunches at one time. Plan early to avoid disappointment or double (or triple!) booking. Of course, make sure to coordinate with the rest of your family.
Let’s face it: family get-togethers can be stressful. It’s not easy dealing with extended family, scheduling conflicts and the pressure of making it a special day for everyone. Take some time to yourself to relax and unwind before gearing up for your Mother’s Day plans. If you’re hosting, ask others to bring some food and make it a potluck meal. After all, you’re a mom, too!
Treat yourself to something special. Today is the day to get a massage or a pedicure, to spend time with your own mom or to shop for a new summer dress. Pamper yourself or splurge on something special, even if it’s just a new book or your favourite chocolate. 
Take a moment to be grateful to all the moms in your life. Write them a card or send a meaningful email. They likely helped you become the mom you are today. 
Remember what Mother’s Day is all about. Take some time to appreciate being a mom to your little ones. They might end up fighting and screaming, as they would on any other day, but enjoy the laughter they bring to your life. A few extra minutes to cuddle doesn’t hurt.

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