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Step by Step Hair Tutorial: Unicorn Hair with Hair Chalk

Step By Step Hair Tutorial: Unicorn Hair with Hair Chalk - Parents Canada

Unicorn hairstyle for kids - parents canada

With a little help, kids can rock this non-permanent, no-bleaching-required rainbow-bright hair using hair chalk. Anyone can be a unicorn! Oshawa, Ont.-based hairstylist Anna Guglielmo explains how.

1. Get kids to choose their favourite colours. We used four vibrant shades of liquid hair chalk—turquoise, blue, pink and purple.

Hair chalks - parents canada

2. Pour some of the chalk onto a piece of tin foil or a small plastic plate. Slice out a small section of dry hair using a comb. Dip a makeup sponge into the colour (starting with the lightest colour) and rub onto a small section from the root.

Hair tutorial for unicorn hair - parents canada

3. Apply the next lightest chalk colour where the first one left off, then the transition to the darkest colours. Softly blend the colours together where they meet to create a seamless look. (It’s easiest if you use three or four colours in a section; any more colours and it gets more complicated.)

Hair chalk applying for unicorn hair - parents canada

4. Dry this section of hair with a round brush. (Head’s up—the brush will get stained.) Reapply each colour to intensify the shade and dry the hair between applications. Colour will last up to seven shampoos, depending on the chalk product you use.

Tip: Keep the colour from fading by washing with lukewarm or cool water, avoiding chlorine and wearing a hat in the sun.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, Spring/Summer 2018

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