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Leprechaun hat table favour

Spread some Leprechuan cheer with this festive table favour.

You’ll need:

16 oz. yogurt container
(1 per person)
green, black and yellow
construction paper
white glue


1. Mark the height of the yogurt
container. On the green
paper, cut strips long enough
to wrap around the container.

2. Glue paper at the back.

3. Cut a circle from green
construction paper using a
juice glass as a template, then
cut a hole in the centre about
4.5 cm wide.

4. Glue this circle to the rim of the
yogurt container for the brim.

5. Cut 1.75-cm strips from black
construction paper for the
hat band.

6. Cut yellow construction
paper into 2.5-cm squares,
one for each favour.

7. Cut two 1.75-cm slits about
1 cm in from two opposing
edges of each yellow square.

8. Thread the back paper strip
through the slits in the yellow
square making a buckle.

9. Wrap the strip around the
container just below the brim
and glue at the back.

10. Fill the hat with gold coins
(or chocolate ones) and set at
each place setting.

Leprechaun hat table favour 500x500 v2 - leprechaun hat table favour

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2013.

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