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Lessons from the Olympics: The electronic way

The Olympics can teach kids life lessons, says Shannon Hunt, the co-author of a recently launched Olympic ebook.

“While we watch the Olympics to celebrate sports and athletic excellence, it’s also a demonstration of determination and perseverance,” she says.

It’s what Shannon and her husband David Garrison hope kids will learn from their 228-page ebook on the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics games.  The book, written by the past creators of the recently defunct
Yes and Know children’s magazines, is jam packed with illustrations drawn by the couple’s kids, quizzes and jokes.

One of the sports sections starts with an anecdote about an athlete who overcame a crippling injury to his hand. Eventually, he won two gold medals.

The couple hopes to educate and entertain kids with their book and they learnt a lot creating it.

“I found out about sports that I never even knew existed,” says David as he explains the Paralympics sport of goalball, a game for the visually impaired.

Meanwhile, the family is eagerly awaiting the start of the Summer Games.

“My mom just brought some Olympic souvenirs back from England for my kids. I know that we will all be curled up on the couch with our Olympic mascots cheering for team Canada,” says Shannon.

The ebook is available in the iTunes store for $5.99. It is available worldwide for iPad devices only.

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