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Media Guy: Some New Twists on Old Favourites

Media guy andrew borkowski

Woody and Buzz, a new generation of Beyblade-wielding warriors and a silly little monkey promise loads of fun.

*Dates and times subject to change. Check local listings.

Good luck charlieGOOD LUCK CHARLIE, Premiered Sunday, April 4

What happens when kids have to do their bit to help bring up baby? Teens Teddy and PJ, along with their 10-year-old brother Gabe, are discombobulated when mom goes back to work on the night shift and leaves them in charge of baby Charlotte in the after-school hours before Dad gets home. Snappy writing elevates this sitcom.

Vacation with derek

VACATION WITH DEREK, Premieres Friday, June 25 at 7:30 p.m

ET, Family

The sibling rivalry that drove the hit kids’ series Life With Derek takes on feature length (if not epic) proportions in this original movie special. Derek and his arch-rival sister Casey join the rest of the family on a visit with their crusty grandmother, Felicia, at her lakeside resort. Extreme sports, financial intrigue, and summer romance intertwine as the quarrelsome step-siblings set aside their differences to save the lake. So You Think You Can Dance Canada winner Nico Archambeault steps in as the dreamy dancer/lodge waiter.

Beyblade metal fusion

BEYBLADE METAL FUSION, Premiered Saturday, May 15

It’s been almost a decade since those Beyblade tops spun across the Pacific from Japan to take a generation of little boys by storm. Now they’re back in a spinoff (no pun intended) in which a new cast of characters take on the evil Dark Nebula with the assistance of an arsenal of fresh merchandise all set to hit the stores.


Mighty machines

One of the most ingenious and disarming preschool series of the last 10 years. Mighty Machines appeals to youngsters’ fascination with heavy machinery, combining real footage of the behemoths in action with actors characterizing them in voice-overs that take them through stories a young audience can relate to. This DVD contains three new episodes: “Machines go to School”, about a band of earth movers trying to master their trade; “Reach for the Sky!” which deals with the ups and downs of being a crane; and “Giant Tow Trucks” about a brand new tow truck trying to make the grade.


The kidzpage

This Ontario-based website boasts fun and educational activities in just about every format. Kids can choose from more than 900 colouring pages, 1,500 jigsaw puzzles, 2,000 items of clipart, plus movies, games and downloads. A special learning section includes Sudokus, math puzzles and educational word games. The site contains advertising but the staff is all free.

Kids know it network

An interactive gateway to the stars for budding astronomers. Visitors can build their own digital model of the solar system or download maps of the sky for a given night. It’s part of the Kids Know It Network which also includes sites devoted to math, history, geography and much more.

Curious george


Sometimes it takes a mischievous monkey to keep your monkeys out of mischief, and who better than Curious George? George’s internet base offers colouring and connect-the-dots downloadables, as well as games, puzzles and a party kit with printable invitations and name tags.


Toy story 3 gameTOY STORY 3: The Video Game by Disney-Pixar for Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.
Launching June 15.

In this companion to the Toy Story 3 feature film, players help Buzz, Woody and company grapple with an uncertain future as Andy prepares to leave for college. The game’s Toy Box is designed to replicate the “sandbox-style” experience of playing with toy cowboys, space rangers, dinosaurs, and aliens, allowing gamers to build their own stories.

Super mario galaxy 2

SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2, by Nintendo for Wii.
Launching May 23

favourite plumber returns in the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. Mario
negotiates the cosmos astride a dinosaur named Yoshi who swings from
place to place by his tongue, while gobbling up fruits that give him an
assortment of power boosts.



Alice in wonderland game

ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Disney Interactive for Wii, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS, and Windows PC.

emphasis is on puzzle solving and “the importance of friendship and
loyalty” as players explore the magical world of Underland. Characters
from the feature film are equipped with special powers to help negotiate
the Mushroom Forest, the Red Queen’s castle, and a labyrinth of strange
passageways, false perspectives, and objects that come to life.








Published May 2010

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