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Media Literacy Week: How to Deal with Obesity and Bullying

More than ever, classroom teachers need to take a leading role in the emotional well-being of their students, alongside parents who traditionally have been expected to assume this responsibility. It is this reality that has prompted Concerned Children’s Advertisers (CCA) to consider educators as a significant part of the solution when it comes to dealing with the top issues affecting children today.
“Over the last 20 years, Concerned Children’s Advertisers has covered everything from self-esteem to bullying to media literacy,” said Bev Deeth, President of CCA. “We are a trusted source for children and parents, and supporting teachers is an integral part of the work we’ve done for years. By partnering with educators on a national scale, we hope to provide teachers and parents with the tools to deal with the social, emotional and physical well-being of their students.”
Coinciding with National Media Literacy Week, which kicks off today, CCA has launched a new webinar to complement a series of lesson plans and workshops that look at strategies for teachers to implement in the classroom when discussing healthy active living, self-esteem, media literacy and bullying.
“Our jobs as educators have not changed but our new challenge is that kids today appear to be more distracted due to external issues that impose stress upon their lives each and every day.” said Karen Harding-Ashton, elementary school teacher at York Region District School Board.  “Resources that help address and support the emotional well-being of our students are always useful.”
“The issues that young people are facing today are interrelated, so we’ve created content to reflect this,” said Linda Millar, Education Specialist, Concerned Children’s Advertisers. “Media literacy is about teaching kids how to ask questions, understand and interpret media messages to help them make informed lifestyle decisions. Aside from parents and peers, teachers are front and centre when it comes to influencing positive life choices, and we want to make sure they have what they need to approach these tough subjects.”

Quick Tips for Dealing With the Top Four Issues Affecting Children Today

1. Media Literacy: 

o   Teach the principles of media literacy
o   Discuss social media
o   Balance media time
o   Discuss the validity of internet sites
o   Safety first!

2. Healthy, Active Living: 

o   Lead by example
o   Balance physical activity and nutrition
o   Don’t forget about play
o   60 minutes of physical activity per day every day
o   Inject some fun!

3.  Bullying: 

o   Recognize bullying in its many forms
o   Open lines of communication
o   Explain that bullying is a relationship problem that requires relationship solutions
o   Identify and recognize the importance of the bystander
o   Take action: the impact of bullying can last a lifetime

4.  Self Esteem:

o   Recognize and celebrate diversity
o   Help kids to find their strength, uniqueness and special talents
o   Identify and increase kids’ support system
o   Be role models
o   Teach empathy
You can view the complete webinar and resource toolkit at 

About CCA 

CCA is a unique non-profit organization and model of corporate social responsibility. Made up of 17 Canadian Member Companies and supported by numerous partners, including child-centred advertisers, broadcasters and issue experts, CCA is committed to understanding and contributing solutions to issues of challenge in children’s lives. As committed Canadian advertisers, CCA’s mission is to be the credible, caring and authoritative voice of responsible children’s advertising and communications. 

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