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Michael Smith and his partner share their recipe to parenting success

Michael smith and family - michael smith and his partner share their recipe to parenting successWe all know
what cookbook
author and chef
Michael Smith
is like in the
kitchen, but
when it comes
to parenting
three children
– his son
Gabe, partner
Ariella and
their new baby
Camille – we
had to ask:
what is their
recipe for

Who would
your kids
say is the
better cook?

Michael: Daddy, of course! Our
four-year-old says Daddy is a
chef and mommy is just a cook!

Chastity: Michael, of course!

How do
you get your
kids to eat

M: Of all the tips I can share,
by far the most effective is the
simplest. If there’s no garbage
in the house, your kids can’t
eat garbage. Ninety-nine percent
of the decisions we make on
this front are made at the
grocery store.

C: We only present them healthy
options – that simple. They
know they will never get junk
for supper and as a result, they
accept it.

Do you ever
cave and let
your kids have
junk food?

M: Of course, but as a treat
and only a treat.

C: For sure, but it’s a one treat
kinda deal and it only comes
after the supper plate is empty.

Which of
you is better
at being the

M: Perhaps me, but only because
I don’t bend as well as Mommy,
the kids know that when Daddy
says something, he means it.
Daddy’s challenge is not to draw
a line in the sand too quickly!

C: Michael. It’s that commanding
voice of his.

Who claims
to change the
most diapers?

M: That would be mom. Dad
is in charge of keeping a 4,000
square foot house clean,
Mommy has an 8-inch patch
of skin to worry about. I think
I got the easier end of the deal,

C: I do, simply because it’s a
way of waking Camille to nurse
without her falling asleep on me
five minutes in. Michael is very
good at it though.

What has
most surprised
you about your
partner since
becoming a

M: I’m in awe of Chastity’s
ability to go four weeks with
no sleep and yet still keep her
cool and composure. Camille is
a newborn and no discernible
patterns have emerged yet other
than tired Mommy!

C: Nothing really. He is a
wonderful father. He is
extremely patient and loving.
I guess if I could be surprised
by anything it would have to
be that since having Camille,
he has displayed even more
patience. He wakes up with me
throughout the night and is
always there to support me.
I am one fortunate lady.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, November 2012.

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