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Mini Inukshuk

This icon of the Inuit people, featured on the flag of Nunavut, is the result of a fruitful day at the beach.

● Stones
● White glueCrafts inukshuk - mini inukshuk

1. Collect several flat, smooth stones.

2. Choose the largest one for the base. Stack stones for each leg, trying to arrange them to balance naturally. Glue in place and let dry.

3. Next come the hips. Find a stone that will fit across the legs. When the legs are stable enough, glue the hip stone in place.

4. Stack and glue stones for the torso, then a long stone for the arms. Let dry.

5. Finally, stack and glue the neck and head stones. Little stones for hands are optional.

6. Patiently wait for glue to dry, and careful not to knock it!

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