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Moulded wooden seashell bracelets

Moulded Wooden Seashell Bracelets - Parents Canada

Wear your sea shells with your favourite summer outfit.

You’ll need:

  • large craft sticks
  • cylindrical drinking glass,
    similar in size to your
    child’s wrist
  • white glue
  • assorted sea shells


1. Boil several craft sticks in water
for about 50 minutes (adult
supervision required).
2. Remove from hot water with
tongs and carefully bend the
stick into a circle and fit inside
the drinking glass. The glass
will help the craft stick hold its
shape while it’s drying. Let dry
3. Decorate the bracelet with
paint, stickers and shells.
4. Wear it with pride!

Moulded wooden seashell bracelets - moulded wooden seashell bracelets

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, July 2013.

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