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Movies For Mommies: Because Grown-Up Time Is Important Too

Movies For Mommies: Grown-Up Time Is Important - Parents Canada

Parents canada special - parents canada

Movies for mommies: because grown-up time is important too - parents canada

HERE’S THE THING: Moms need to take time for themselves; self-care is really important. Becoming a mom is exciting, but for most of us, the first few weeks and months of motherhood are challenging. There’s lots to learn about our little ones— navigating our way through feeding schedules, sleep routines and trying to balance everything on our plates. Until we find our groove, it can also be isolating and we tend to put ourselves last.

To be at our best, moms need to be able to recharge their batteries. Self-care can be as simple as taking time for a manicure or spending an hour at the gym. But with a tot under 12 months in tow, it can be hard to get that break.

Enter Movies for Mommies (MFM), which was created for just this reason—to provide new parents with the opportunity for some much-deserved “me time.” MFM allows Mom to take her baby with her to the movies, and enjoy a grown-up outing. The good news? You and your babe can catch all the big releases this spring and summer, including Ocean’s 8, Jurassic World 2 and Mama Mia 2.

Canada’s original parent-and-baby film event launched 18 years ago in Toronto and now runs in cities across the country, with thousands of parents enjoying Hollywood’s latest and greatest adult flicks at their local theatres, in a baby- friendly environment.

How does a “baby-friendly” movie experience work? MFM screenings are weekly or bi-weekly matinées that run with reduced sound levels to protect sensitive ears. Lights are left dim to make nursing and feeding easy, and all screenings have change tables with wipes and hand sanitizer in the theatre so you don’t have to duck out and miss your show.

It’s not just a movie—it’s an event! Over the years, MFM has evolved into the quintessential mommy meet-up. When Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day roll around, MFM has local professional photographers onsite doing complimentary photo sessions for Mom and her babe. Movies for Mommies’ monthly preshow events include guest speakers, “mocktail” parties, live demos and weekly door prizes. It’s really a great way to meet other new moms.

First time experiencing Movies For Mommies?

Here’s what you need to know:

These are grown–up movies, not animated kids’ movies. Given the adult content of the films, the suggested age of babies is newborn to a year old. If the little one is older than 12 months, parents should use their discretion as to whether or not to attend.

The younger the baby is, the more likely they are to sleep through the flicks. Second- and third-time parents have learned this—they start coming to movies when their wee ones are two or three weeks old.

Crying is permitted because, well, babies cry! Most settle down and sleep in the semi-dark theatre, but if your baby cries, that’s OK, you’re always amongst friends.

You will be able to hear the movie. Even with a few babies fussing, it won’t affect your experience. If there is one unsettled little film critic, the normal etiquette is for Mom to step out briefly to soothe them.

Bring the appropriate gear. The movie is best enjoyed by having your baby in a car seat, which rests safely on the seat beside you, or by wearing a baby wrap.

Make it a date! Dads and partners are always welcome at our screenings. If they’re on paternity leave or taking a day off, MFM is the perfect outing for a date afternoon, and you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Arrive early. All first-time visitors receive a MFM welcome package which includes amazing samples and offers, as well as a membership card, so allow enough time to stop at our welcome table.

Be in the know! Register online at to receive MFM’s weekly e-blast, and be the first to know about pre-show events, what’s playing, special offers and more!

Brought to you by Movies for Mommies

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Movies for Mommies runs in select theatres in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Movie locations, screenings and show times can be found at

No advance registration is required to attend the show and there is no charge for babies. Dads, partners, grandparents, friends and caregivers are always welcome.

Not at a theatre near you? If MFM isn’t in your neighbourhood, maybe it should be! Movies for Mommies offers licensing opportunities. If you’re outgoing, organized, socially connected, creative and love movies, you can run your own business. Work flexible hours from home and have fun. For more information email: [email protected].

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