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My family’s Chevy getaway

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When I was invited to test drive the new 2015 Chevy Tahoe, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be too big? Would I be able to handle it? Would my kids be comfortable in it?

My kids weren’t plagued by such things. “I love it! I’m in the middle row!” shouted my five-year-old. “Wow!” exclaimed my four-year-old. “Can we buy one?” They climbed into the spacious car and their little mouths hung open in wonder.

Here’s why: there was a DVD player, wireless headphones, plenty of room for them to stand up and change into their camping gear, three comfortable rows of seats (that prevented them from fighting the whole trip), and plugs for all their iPads and iPods and my iPhone – six USB ports and power outlets in total! The back row of seats folded up and down with the press of a button.

My practical concerns were quickly allayed the minute I opened the door and a step automatically extended out from under the car to help me get in. I felt like quite the lady! Several features made the car feel both fun and safe at the same time: built-in navigation, cameras to make it easy for me to reverse, lane assist indicators that let me know when a car was approaching on either side. The whole car looked sleek and cool – not like a construction vehicle or – worse – a “mom’s car.” This was sporty and sexy and I loved it.

“Yes boys – we can get one!”

Our long ride to cottage country was quiet (both from interior and external noise) and when we arrived, my fuel tank was still full. I felt safe driving on the highway and in the rain. It was easy to park and maneuver. And did I mention how many people stopped us to comment on the sleek design of the car?

When we had to return the car at the end of the weekend I was a little sad. This car felt like it belonged to us . . . maybe one day it will.

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