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Summer’s here and the forecast calls for products that will get children out in the garden, on their feet and in interactive mode on those long road trips.

Kinder Gardens: Games and Adventures and Kinder Gardens: Growing Inspiration for Children
By Lisa Ely and Michael Glassman

These two books by California landscape designers focus on re-introducing children to the outdoor fun to be had in their own backyards and hopefully instill a love of gardening. In Games and Adventures, the pair’s new release, puppet guide Karden introduces youngsters to 25 fun games such as building a soil castle, making mud art and sponge tag. The first book in the series, Growing Inspiration, shows kids how to grow their own pizza toppings, how to make planters out of old boots, how to plant their own herb gardens and grow tomatoes. $12.99 (U.S.) Available at or

E is for Environment
by Ian James Corlett

Being environmentally friendly is always possible for Elliott and Lucy. The brother and sister duo, first introduced to readers in Corlett’s E is for Ethics, are brought to the page again. Each short chapter depicts a new eco-friendly lesson, as simple as using reusable bags at the grocery stores and packing litterless lunches. Parents can learn a thing or two as well – each story accompanies some facts about things like using rechargeable batteries and the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills.

The Vancouver-based author is also an awardwinning animated filmmaker, and his experience writing for television programs such as Rolie Polie Olie and Rainbow Fish comes through on every page. A great learning tool for kids to have them thinking beyond reduce, reuse, recycle!

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The Secret Box
by Barbara Lehman

Barbara Lehman brings back the treasure hunt in this unique wordless book that relies solely on its beautiful watercolour illustrations to tell the story. As the pages turn, a city develops and the characters discover something from the past that will lead them on a great adventure. Parents and kids alike will be eager to find out what happens next, and will have to put the pieces together to solve the mystery of The Secret Box. Perfect for active imaginations and developing readers.  Available at

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