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Summer job and saving tips for tweens

With the end of the school year comes a flood of tweens looking to land their first summer job.

Summer jobs are a great way to establish work ethic at a young age. But figuring out the right first summer job can prove difficult for tweens who aren’t given guidance.

And once they start earning, tweens will need guidelines to help them manage their newfound income.

Here are some summer job and savings tips from Visa Canada to help young Canadians land their first summer job and develop good money habits:

Summer job tips:

Job shadow for a day – Shadow a friend or a relative for the day to get an idea of what kind of job is the right fit.

Find an odd job – Your neighbour’s lawn is looking a little long, or perhaps their car could use a washing, knock on their door and offer to help out.

Build a resume – Include any and all experience gained from volunteer work at school or community groups.

Saving tips:

Establish a summer saving goal – Start by setting a clear, realistic amount. Then decide what the money will be used for to make the concept of saving tangible.

Set a budget – Decide how much ‘fun money’ will be used, while still allowing the summer saving goal to be met.

Start a bank account – A savings account not only keeps money safe and earns interest, it helps keep track of what’s going in and coming out.

Visit Visa’s financial literacy resource for more money advice.

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