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Paint-your-own umbrella

Craft paint your own umbrella - paint-your-own umbrella


1 plain child-size umbrella
4–5 colours of fabric paint (in small nozzle-tipped squirt bottles)


1. Rest the opened umbrella between two supports at an appropriate height for the artist to reach. Lay newspapers or a drop sheet on the floor beneath the setup.

2. Shake each coloured paint bottle before removing the lid, then squirt away with the nozzle facing down onto the top of the umbrella to create your own masterpiece.

TIP Dots and shorter lines of paint are more durable than the longer swirls shown here.

3. Let each colour dry completely (about one hour) before starting the next.

4. Let the paint dry overnight before closing your finished umbrella.


Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2014.

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