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Plaster Hand Casts

Beginner hand - plaster hand castsHang or stand this hand cast to remember the small hands that helped create it.

  1. On a level surface, fill a foil pan with sand leaving 1 cm of space at the top. Smooth out surface, but don’t compact the sand.
  2. Practice pressing hand into surface, deeply and with open fingers. If the impression doesn’t hold, add a bit of water and stir. Try again.
  3. Once you have a sand impression that looks deep enough, set aside.
  4. Make plaster according to instructions on package. Work quickly because it sets fast!
  5. Pour plaster into foil pan, filling to the rim. As plaster begins to set, stick a paper clip into the back to create a hook.
  6. Let dry overnight, then turn out hand cast.

Sand will be damp. Gently brush it off as it dries to reveal your child’s hand print.

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