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“Raining Cats & Dogs” boots

Craft cats dogs boots - "raining cats & dogs" bootsMaterials

1 pair of rubber boots
1 small tube of clear bathroom silicone
2 buttons
4 googly eyes
1 old paint brush with black bristles


1. Make sure the boots are clean and free from dirt, grease and moisture.

2. Cut a tiny hole in the nozzle tip of the silicone tube with scissors and squirt a dollop of silicone onto the back of each googly eye. Place in position on the boot (two for each boot).

3. Cut a small bundle of bristles from the paint brush with scissors (for “whiskers”). Squirt a droplet of silicone centred on the top on each boot toe near the front. Stick one end of a bristles bundle into the droplet on both the left and right side. Continue adding bristles until you’ve attached all the whiskers you want.

4. Add a tiny dollop of silicone on the back of each button, then place over the area where the “whiskers” meet at each boot’s toe.

5. Let dry for at least 24 hours before doing jumping in any puddles.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2014.

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