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Shamrock napkin rings

Set a
St. Patrick’s Day
table that will
turns heads
green with

You’ll need:

1 paper towel tube
decorative or wrapping
green paper
tiny twigs
white glue


1. Measure and cut a slightly
flattened cardboard roll into
2.5-cm wide pieces along the
length of the tube.

2. Cut 2.5-cm strips of
decorative or wrapping paper
and glue around the outside
of each cardboard ring.

3. Cut three heart-shaped
“leaves” from green paper
and glue to the top of each
cardboard ring with the points
of each heart touching in the
centre. When the glue is dry,
roll up the edges of the leaves
gently with your fingers to
add some dimension.

4. Glue a tiny twig to the ring
where the leaves touch to
make the shamrock’s stem.

5. Slip the finished ring onto a
rolled napkin and set at each

Shamrock napkin rings 620x500 v2 - shamrock napkin rings

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2013.

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