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Sleepover camps your children will love

Sleepover Camps Your Children Will Love - Parents Canada

The traditional wilderness experience most summer camps offer is a great way to connect
with nature and unplug from the city. But not every kid wants to dodge mosquitoes and rough
it in the bush. Some want to explore their passions on an intense level, and luckily for them,
there’s a camp for just about any special interest. So how do you decide which camp is right
for your child? Julie Cole, author of the free e-book, Mama of Many’s Guide to Camp, says making
the decision is easier than you think. “Consider your child’s interests, then do some serious
research.” she says. “There is a camp for every kid.” Here’s a sampling of what’s out there.

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Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, May/June 2013.

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