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Step Outside this Winter: Tips to Enjoy the Snow, Slush & Cold

Step outside this winter: tips to enjoy the snow, slush & cold - parents canada

We are lucky to live in a country with the variety of four beautiful seasons to experience, explore and enjoy. Contrary to its reputation for being exclusively cold and snowy, each Canadian season brings with it its own smells, temperatures, activities, and colours. Many people prefer the blazing heat of summer or the emerging flowers that come with the drizzly spring season, shying away from the cooler months and holing up indoors from November to March.

Don’t let the snow, sleet and cold of winter keep you from stepping outside with your kids and enjoying all it can offer. Equipped with the proper gear, some helpful hints and outdoor activity inspiration, winter can be the perfect time to adventure, play and have fun with your family. Here is some advice that will help you enjoy this time of the year:

1) Get the right gear

Ensuring the entire family is ready to enjoy the weather in comfortable, warm and waterproof gear is the first step to planning for a fun winter! Start from the ground up and purchase a pair of high-quality, lined, waterproof boots. Protecting feet with a good pair of boots will enable you to run, jump and freely play outside with your kids no matter how much snow or wetness is around. A good pair of boots can change your whole experience. Experts at Kamik, a Canadian-based footwear company that has been around for more than 100 years, recommend paying attention to the temperature ratings. This will allow you to choose boots that fit your lifestyle, as you don’t want your kids’ toes freezing while they play outside, nor do you want them to sweat uncomfortably as you run errands with them. For kids that love jumping in snow, Kamik also suggests getting boots with removable liners, which will dry much faster and ensure you’re ready to step outside again the next day. Once you are set with a high-quality pair of boots, complete the look with a warm coat, scarf, mittens and hat and you will have a family that will be ready for what’s coming at them, whatever that is!

Step outside this winter: tips to enjoy the snow, slush & cold - parents canada
Kamik’s Metro collection is a fashion-forward take on function and practicality.

2) Get Walking

Beyond the traditional winter-weather activities like tobogganing, snowy weather brings holiday cheer. Take a walk outside with your family, and explore the snow-covered streets at a local Holiday Market. While it could be tempting to just hop in the car with the heater on full-blast, leave your car keys at home and pick a weekend to venture into the city on public transit with your kids to enjoy the festive ambiance. To do so, you have to be comfortable with footwear that is versatile and practical. Opt for materials and a look that can adapt to any situation. As you imagine the day ahead of you, don’t plan a rigid agenda for your family. Let your kids guide you through an urban quest through the city. This can be a great opportunity for spontaneous free play and to teach them how to plan and make decisions.

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3) Get Adventuring

Don’t let anything stop you and your family from stepping outside and going on adventures! Build a bonfire in your backyard or visit your local playground or park, outfitted in durable, waterproof boots, of course, to keep the big and little feet warm, happy and comfortable. Pay attention to the little details like waterproof zippers, adjustable collars or removable insoles.  If the kids are up for a challenge, plan a winter scavenger hunt and encourage them to listen, smell, feel and enjoy the winter. You’d be surprised how long you and your family can adventure for when you’re prepared for the weather.

4) Get picnicking

Have a little more time on the weekend and are looking for something different and extraordinary to do? How about lunch outside in the snow? Put on your snow boots and embrace your crazy side with the kids! Build a snow fort to keep you insulated and perhaps some stools and table out of snow. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and ready-to-eat snacks, like an apple or banana, and enjoy them in the comfort of your backyard.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will get you excited for all the fun and adventure winter can offer. Instead of thinking of it as a long, cold, dark time of year, think about the upcoming season as a time to adventure and enjoy family time. If you’re warm, comfortable and surrounded by those you love – you can have fun anywhere! From walking to the local grocery store to glamping in your backyard or roaming the city in style, fashionable and functional options from a local footwear brand like Kamik have you covered. Now, the question is, do you have boots that are the perfect fit for you and your kids this winter? Find more ideas, inspiration, and styles at

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