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When workspace is at a premium, set up this board anywhere for instant privacy.


  • a folding presentation board
  • cork squares (we used 4)
  • a wipeboard/dry erase calendar
  • a calculator
  • storage boxes
  • hot glue
  • magnets
  • any other things you want to add!


  1. Add two more fold lines to your presentation board, so that when you put it away, it will fold up and still accommodate the depth of the items you are going to stick to it. Lay your board face down on your work surface and with a utility knife, score a line (not all the way through) in the cardboard, about 7cm from the existing fold.
  2. Place your cork boards, calendar, calculator, storage boxes and other items on the board so everything fits well.
  3. Hot glue a magnet onto the back of the calculator and onto the board where you want your calculator. (This makes it removable so you can bring it to school too)
  4. Hot glue everything in place. Let dry. Stand up and use.




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