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Summer memories picture frame

Summer Memories Picture Frame - Parents Canada

Memorialize your summer adventures with this handmade picture frame.

You’ll need:

  • slate tile
  • twine for hanging (available
    at craft or home improvement
  • drill with masonary bit
  • white glue
  • assorted seashells


1. Crop your favourite beach photo
about 5 cm narrower and shorter
than the tile.
2. Carefully drill two holes in the
tile near the top edge, above
where the photo will go.
3. Brush white glue lightly onto the
back of the picture, centre on
the tile and press to smooth out.
4. Arrange shells in a small
grouping in one corner, or all
around the outside of your photo.
5. Thread twine through holes
and knot, then hang it where
everyone will be reminded of
summer fun.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, July 2013.

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