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Talking Stinks with Jane Lynch

Jane lynch matthew morrison - talking stinks with jane lynchThe holidays are filled with family, friends, love, and all that other yuletide joy, but with that comes messes, garbage and, well, stinkiness. This is according to Febreze spokeswoman Jane Lynch, who has teamed up with Glee alum Matthew Morrison in an adorable video entitled, “The 12 Stinks of Christmas”. The song mentions, among other things, “three musty stockings, two smelly cats, and one ugly sweater from 1993.”

ParentsCanada had the chance to catch up with Jane to talk Christmas, hosting parties, and, of course, stinks.

PC: Febreze has introduced the 12 Stinks of Christmas. What is the worst for you?

JL: The worst is the smell of garbage. Like you have to empty your garbage. And you might throw away a milk carton that has a little bit of milk left in it and it stinks up the joint. And then you’ve got your Febreze and you just give it a spray.

PC: Aside from actual smells, what else stinks about the holidays?

JL: I don’t like to travel. I have to go to Chicago. Well, I don’t HAVE to go, but I do, because I love it once I’m there. But I’m not a fan of the travelling.  And of course, having parties at my house, I really enjoy it, but having so many people in such a small space can really create stinks, especially since there is only one bathroom, so it’s nice to have Febreze around for that, too.

PC: You’re the host of Hollywood Game Night. Do you play hostess in real life?

JL: Yes! Well, we don’t play games, but I love hosting parties. I love kind of sitting back and watching people have fun. Kind of like Jay Gatsby.

PC: What are your tips for being a successful host?

JL: Hosting a good party is basically doing less. It’s stepping back and allowing it to happen. I love looking off and seeing some people who have just met each other and having a conversation. Nothing makes me happier. So you supply the food and the drink and let people go for it. And it’s not like I’m waiting on people, either. I say, ‘Here’s where you get a drink. The ice is here. Here’s the food. Help yourself.’ I usually spend my parties cleaning and chasing the dirt, trying to get ahead of the garbage. It’s the same as hosting Hollywood Game Night. I step back and the guests make it entertaining.

PC: When will we see more episodes of Hollywood Game Night?

JL: Well, we just shot 12. So, it will come back this winter.

PC: So, no more stinky talk. What is your favourite part of the holidays?

JL: Music. And being with friends and family. I love going out to dinner and hosting dinner. I love being in Chicago. It’s the best place to spend Christmas and it’s where I’m from. And it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we really know how to do Christmas.

PC: Favourite holiday song?

JL: I think it might be O Holy Night. It’s so friggin’ dramatic; I love it. It’s exalting.

Watch the full Febreze 12 Stinks of Christmas video here.

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