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Throw my Family’s Olympic Party

In 2010 we invited three neighbourhood families to join us for a Winter Olympic party. We formed four teams (of four to five players) and organized a rotation schedule so each team played each other twice. Splitting up families and spouses made it more fun. Try our events, or put your family’s spin on them and tell us about it!

- throw my family's olympic party

Station 1 – Biathlon

Use a room with a slippery floor (we used our kitchen). Mark lines of tape on the floor to measure how far people can run and slide. Supply fuzzy socks, too. Set tape at three distances, 10 pts for the shortest distance, then 20 pts and then 30 pts for the farthest distance. Then, set up a magnetic dart board or bean bag toss game to be the sharpshooting part of the event.

Station 2 – Hockey

Get out that old twist hockey or air hockey game that’s been collecting dust.

Station 3 – Ski Jump

Use Wii Fit’s ski jumping game, or try the newest event at the Olympics – slopestyle snowboard – with Sonic and Tails in WiiU’s Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, $50.

Station 4 – Hockey Shootout

Set up a hockey net in the back yard and a stack of pucks, then see how many you can shoot into the net. Have a sniper in your midst? Hang plastic pop bottle targets that they have to hit to make it more fair.

Station 5 – Curling

A crokinole board is like table top curling, or check out the new Compact Curling game created in partnership with the Canadian Curling Association, $19.99 at toy retailers.

Station 6 – Figure Skating

To imitate the flexibility required for figure skating, we played Bite the Bag. Start with a fl at bottom paper bag for every team. Mark off 2.5 cm wide bands from the top edge. Stand the bag on the floor and choose a player from your team to go first. That player must bend down and pick up the bag using only his or her mouth. No touching the floor with your hands! Then the other team does the same with its bag. If both teams succeed, trim off the first band and repeat, this time with another player from each team. Continue until the bag is nothing more than a flat piece of paper on the floor – if you have a player who’s that fit! TIP: This is a great way for little kids to show their mettle. It’s way easier for them.

Station 7 – Trivia

This station is good for players who might not want to be as physical, but enjoy letting everyone know how much knowledge they have retained. Google Winter Olympic trivia or Team Canada trivia and set up a few dozen questions.

Station 8 – Snacks!

Every good Olympian needs to fuel up! Try your hand at Olympic themed treats such as cookies or cupcakes.


Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February 2014.

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