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Treasure box

Crafts treasure - treasure boxYOU’LL NEED
● Popsicle sticks
● White glue
● Stone (optional)

1. Lay out a row of popsicle sticks side by side to form the base (about 11 sticks). Lay two sticks across near the rounded ends and glue in place. The same technique is used for the lid later.

2. Once the base is dry, flip it over.

3. Glue two sticks on the base on opposite sides. Then, log cabin style, layer two more sticks over the other two sides. Glue in place.

4. Continue to layer and glue the sticks on opposite sides until the box is the desired height.

5. Make a lid as in step 1. Glue a stone handle in the centre of the lid. Let dry.

6. Use the box to hold your most unique nature walk finds!

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