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Treat yourself this Mother’s Day

By the time Mother’s Day rolls around in May there’s a good chance you (and your Visa!) have spent the year buying gifts for everyone else. Even the apartment security guard got a Tim’s card.
Bubble bath - treat yourself this mother's day
We’ve rounded up a few simple tips to help you put yourself first on May 13.
1. Get over the guilt. You are a giver – you give your time, your energy, and endless love to your family. Today is one day that you will give something to yourself. It’s important that your family understands that you are important, too.
2. Think about what you really need . . . or want. If you’re a runner, buy yourself a new pair of shoes or a running jacket to keep you warm during early-morning jogs. Take an hour to go to a sporting store and pick out something that makes your heart pump. 
If you want to get fit, buy a few sessions with a trainer. “There is nothing like having a trainer to get your motivated, show you how to exercise correctly, and give you a tailored program just for you,” says Lauren Jawno, the creator and author of the Change4Good fitness and lifestyle program. 
Maybe you simply want a new book or a quiet cup of coffee with a friend. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, but treat yourself to something that helps you feel rejuvenated and important.
3. Above all else…enjoy it. You deserve it for all your hard work.
Happy Mother’s Day from ParentsCanada to you!

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