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What Jason Biggs is packing in his kid’s bento box is hilarious

Jason Biggs Packing His Kid’s Bento Box - Parents Canada

Jenny Mollen is known for her hilarious Instagram stories and the lunches she meticulously packs for her son with Jason Biggs. She lovingly refers to four-year-old Sid as a little dictator.

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A sample of one of Sid’s lunches made by Mollen includes a salmon and cream cheese bear sandwich with a carrot-blueberry tie, a homemade oatmeal cup with raw coconut garnish and cukes sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt. 

But since Mollen has been away in Spain working on her latest novel, Biggs is in charge of lunch-packing. He’s obviously joking (we hope), but we can’t help but LOL at the assemblage. Here are some of our fave Jason Biggs lunch specials.

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Biggs knew he had a high standard to uphold. Here’s day two’s offerings: 

“Sid’s first “Daddy Lunch” was a HUGE success,” he wrote. “He ate everything except for the half avocado. For day two we have (clockwise from top left): Dry muesli (dry, Swiss), wet nap (wet, Japanese), box of cherry flavoured Jello-O (sugar-free), organic half avocado from two nights ago and three Mentos (The Fresh Maker).”

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“Ripping it hard for hump day,” he wrote. “Clockwise from top left: organic half avocado (aged three days ago), chocolate brownie Questbar (20g protein), olive “face” (pitted medley), premium saltine crackers (sprig of fresh thyme) and Yogi tea bag (Detox Dandelion). #dadsouttherekillingsit #toddlerdictator 

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And for a home run, Biggs offered up this hilarious curation. 

“He finally ate the avocado! OK, for the second-to-last lunch before @Jennymollen returns and tries to fill my very big shoes, we have (clockwise from top left): Lazlo’s expired Amoxicillin (good prep for winter cold season), pickle (kosher, dill), frozen White Castle “Murder Burgers” cheeseburgers (partially defrosted), whole lemon (ran out of oranges) and two fruit “candies” (Tums).”

So, what do you put in your kid’s bento? 

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