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Book Review: Feast

Feast Cook Book - Parents Canada

Feast cookbook - book review: feast

FEAST: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip by Lindsay Anderson & Dana Vanveller

What could be more timely as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday than a book featuring recipes that span the length and breadth of this great nation. FEAST highlights recipes and stories from every province and territory – but more than that, it also shares recipes from various ethnic groups that have emigrated to Canada and have enriched our culture with their own culinary heritage.

What started as a “what if” conversation between Lindsay Anderson and Dana Vanveller during a camping trip in Squamish, BC, resulted in a culinary road trip that spanned 36,767 km to all 10 provinces and three territories over a five-month period.

What is “Canadian” food any way? With the flip of a page we are collecting sea water in Tofino and making our own sea salt, then we head to the Laurentians to make an authentic Tourtiere. Why not whip up some Sri Lankan Curried Shrimp, or Bison Sausage Rolls, or Traditional Arctic Char ‘Pipsi’ (which is Char that has been dried in chunks), or Scottish Oatcakes from New Brunswick?

I love this book – I love the melding of traditional Native Canadian recipes with those brought to our shores through wave after wave of immigration. What greater way to celebrate how beautifully diverse we are as a nation, than to connect through the uniting act of breaking bread together.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, Summer 2017.

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