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Book Review: Rise and Shine

Rise and shine cookbook - book review: rise and shine

Katie Sullivan Morford is the creator of the successful blog “Mom’s Kitchen” and this is her second book.

Her Make-Ahead Mini Spinach Frittatas (page 58) are now a staple in my freezer – just the thing to grab and heat on a busy morning. Her granola recipe (page 56) surprises and delights with ingredients such as cardamom. Even a simple recipe like Egg and Avocado Smash (page 128) is enlivened by a bright squeeze of lemon juice. Breakfast Baked apples (page 100) and Turkish Toast (131) make the most of seasonal foods, reminding us that using the freshest ingredients can make even the simplest dishes wonderful.

Rise & Shine holds a spotlight on the most important meal of the day – and will help you and your family get ready to take on the world, one breakfast at a time.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, Nov/Dec 2016.


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