Most parents are in the middle of a constant balancing act, with kiddos, household chores, career and more, and getting dinner on the table is often a daunting task. Have no fear (and dismiss that parental guilt!): Maple Leaf and ParentsCanada are here to help with tips, tricks and recipes to try today.

Real Food: Making Guilt-Free Family Favourites

Yes, the terms “healthy” and “kid-favourite” can coexist in the realm of family meals. Here’s how.

Top Dogs Hash with Kale

A hash is great because it's a quick and hearty dish that utilizes whatever you've got in the fridge. Anything goes.

Hawaiian Top Dogs Kebabs

Spruce up hot dogs with the addition of pineapple and red onion for this fun kebab recipe.

Top Dogs Bow Tie Pasta Salad

This creamy, homestyle pasta salad is loaded with the good stuff like black olives, peas, carrots and chopped hot dogs.

Parent Guilt and How To Deal With It

Simply put, parental guilt means different things to different people—and the reasons for it are as varied as parents themselves. For some, guilt surfaces when a notable kid-related milestone is missed, while for others, not having the time to create nutritionally rich meals can cause it to rear its ugly head.

Two-Bite Frittatas

Not only are single serving frittatas a handy way to nibble protein and veggies—they’re perfect for toddlers as well.

Rainbow Fresh Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

These rainbow rolls are a delish, no-cook solution bursting with fresh veggies and rotisserie chicken, with a sweet and savoury dipping sauce on the side.

Skillet hash

A cast iron skillet is all you need to give leftovers a boost; baked or boiled potatoes lay the foundation, and you can toss in peppers, Brussels sprouts, chopped ham or sausage, or really anything you have in the fridge that needs using. The cherry on top? A sunny-side up fried egg.

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