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Girls’ private schools empower girls to become influential women

There is a case to be made for your daughter to be educated in an all-girls’ private school. Toronto private schools for girls include well-established schools that have been mentoring girls’ possibilities for more than a hundred years.

Havergal College, for example, has been challenging girls and young women from kindergarten to Grade 12 since 1894. Their Forum for Change encourages every student to know herself and to understand the impact she can have in shaping the world in which she wants to live. The emphasis is on encouraging inquiry and curiosity.

There are co-curricular opportunities at Havergal College. These challenging options include field trips, clubs, committees, athletic teams, contests and a variety of special events.

The global experience of this Toronto Private School program exposes girls to international experiences so that the girl will see herself as globally capable.

Bishop Strachan School is an Anglican day and boarding school for girls in Toronto with approximately 900 students and classes ranging from junior kindergarten to Grade 12. This includes 80 boarding students.

The boarding program starts in Grade 7, and boarders come from acros Canada and around the world.

The school was founded in 1867 by John Langtry, the first Anglican bishop in Toronto. The founder’s intention, all those years ago, was to educate girls to be leaders.

Another strong appeal to many parents is that this Toronto private girls school has an average class size of only 18 to 20 students. This allows for special attention to be paid to each student.

Bishop Strachan School’s goal is to inspire girls to be fearless and to educate them to be leaders.

Why A Girl’s School?

A Toronto all-girl private school does more than relieve the distraction of girls having to find their role in a classroom that includes boys.

When you subtract boys, you open the door to concentrated challenges and opportunities for girls.

In a Toronto private girls’ school the girls occupy every role, every part in a play, every position on every team and compete to become a leader in the classroom.

Toronto girls’ private schools have strong academic programs, but that’s just the beginning. Girls’ schools teach girls that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl and becoming a woman.

A girl who is educated in an all-girl school discovers that not only does she have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development, but she also has a wealth of peer role models.

The Challenge

Every Toronto private girl’s school has its own philosophy. However, a connecting thread is that they are all dedicated to empowering girls to become women who are influential contributors to the world.

This all-girl environment produces young women who are more likely to pursue science, technology, engineering and math when they go to university.

*Photo courtesy of Havergal College.

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