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Prep School gets you ready for the next step

Prep School gets you ready for the next step

One of the most important things your children strive towards is a university/college education. While the university/college route may not be for everyone, it has been argued that post-secondary education leads to higher salaries and better prepares students to excel in an occupation. So when it comes to choosing a secondary school that will help your child get into a great university/college, why not consider a prep school?

While the term is more commonly used in the United States than in Canada, by definition, a prep school is a private school that prepares students for university or college. With strong curriculum, work ethics and an abundance of extra curricular activities and programs, attending a prep school will send students on a path to succeed.

What to Expect

At any notable prep school, the concept of university/college is front and center. Students spend considerable amounts of time researching post-secondary schools and create a list of their top choices. Some teachers may even ask their students to write an essay outlining their plan for applying to said universities and colleges. By graduation, each student will have gone on dozens of college tours, written college essays in class, and been accepted to a four-year college or university.

Many prep schools require students to participate in one or more of the school’s sports teams. This is to teach them skills like time management, responsibility and teamwork. Prep schools also provide many other activities, such as elaborate plays, musicals, clubs, and leadership opportunities that can help students decide on areas of study they’d like to focus on at university or college.

Questions You Should Ask

It’s important to research the prep schools you and your children are considering. To help you decide which prep school is best, try asking the following questions:

  • Which colleges and universities do graduates attend?
  • Does the school offer honours, AP or IB courses?
  • What are the standards by which teachers use in their lesson plans?
  • What can my child expect to achieve while attending this prep school?
  • Is there proper support for moving onto university and college?

As parents, your children’s education is one of the most significant investments you can make. As you begin to research which school to send your children to, think about your children’s interests and future goals. Are they bound for the university/college experience? If so, then make sure the prep school you select offers a curriculum and strong credentials to get them there. Finally, visit any school you are considering and talk to other parents who have children attending the school. Speaking with other families who have already gone through the process may help allay any reservations you may have.

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