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Episode 57 – September 30 – Baby’s Development and the Comparison Game

Every baby is different and milestones for each babe can come at a varying pace. Still, worrying is part of being a parent, we get it. That's why we tapped an expert to give some tips on how to stop worrying and comparing when it comes to your baby's development.

Episode 56 – September 23 – COVID Mental Health Impacts on Kids

It's a lot to process: A global pandemic, a totally new normal and so many channels of learning. It's hard for adults to adjust, kids aren't excluded. We chatted with a recreational therapist on how to support your child's mental health.

Episode 55 – September 16 – School Preparedness During a Pandemic

Being prepared is imperative whether your child is learning online or in-school. Here's how to help kids put their best foot forward in either situations.

Episode 54 – September 9 – Teens and COVID

If you're the parent of a teen, you know the challenges that stem from helping them on the right course. Throw in a global pandemic and the waters get even choppier. To help ease (and diffuse) some situations surrounding teens and COVID-19, our hosts chatted with parenting expert Alyson Schafer.

Episode 53 – September 2 – Is The Pandemic A Giant Step Back For Women?

The pandemic is hurting mom's and their roles in the workforce. Many are faced with choosing to stay home with the kids over their careers. This episode we talk about the disproportionate amount of work that often falls on moms during the pandemic, plus the stress that follows. Our hosts and guest also chat about ways moms can get some balance and learn to lean more on their partners.

Episode 52 – August 26 – Iron Recommendations and Demystifying Canada’s New Food Guide

This week our hosts chatted with a dietician from Canada Beef about ways to get more iron into the whole fam and unpacked the new Food Guide recommendations.

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