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How to throw a post-prom party

How To Throw A Post-Prom Party - Parents Canada

When the lights come on and the music goes off, the party keeps going. Here are a few ways to keep the party going.

Prom camping - how to throw a post-prom party

  1. Camping: Gather around a bonfire with your closest friends, break out the guitars and let the camp songs begin. If overnight camping isn’t an option, have a bonfire in someone’s backyard. Don’t forget the s’mores!
  2. Karaoke Jam: Who cares if your voice can shatter glass? It’s about fun, not talent. If you’re shy, duets and group performances are always hilariously fun. If you plan ahead, costumes and props can really crank the performances up a notch.
  3. Pool Party: Find a friend that has a pool (and understanding parents) and have a late-night pool party. Bring fun pool toys and games, and add some glow sticks to the water for a cool atmosphere, just be safe. Or, make plans to get together the next day for some relaxing time in the sun.
  4. Game Night: Whether it’s board games or video games, a little competition is always fun. Board games like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples are guaranteed laughs. If video games are your thing, bust out some classics like Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution or Mario Kart.
  5. Fast Food: Heads up – You’ll probably be starving after dancing the night away. And while a nice restaurant is great, hitting up your local McDonald’s or Burger King is cheaper. Plus, wearing your fanciest clothes in a not-so-fancy place is always a good time.
  6. Bowling Party: You might be surprised at how happy you are to kick off your painful heels and step into some comfy rented shoes. Look for a rock-and-bowl to keep the dance party going. If bowling isn’t your thing, see if there is a late-night laser tag place in your area.
  7. Movie Marathon: Find the most prom-worthy movies, pop some popcorn, stock up on a ton of sugary snacks and settle in for a cozy night. If you’re stuck for movie ideas, try prom faves like She’s All That, Pretty in Pink, 10 Things I Hate About You or Prom.
  8. Hotel Party: These can be tricky. Many hotels aren’t fans of post-prom festivities at their establishments, so do your research. Keeping the guest list smaller than say, the whole graduating class, is your best bet. An even better idea? A good ol’ fashioned house party. It’s far cheaper and you won’t get kicked out for noise complaints (most likely).
  9. Sleepover or Slumber Party: Put on your PJs, cover the floor with sleeping bags and pillows and turn on the Netflix. Binge on junk food or have a sundae bar. Make your own pizzas or order in. Don’t forget the traditional sleepover activities: post-event gossip, and truth or dare!

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