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Street Safety

Young children often don’t know the direction sounds such as car horns are coming from. They also have trouble judging how fast an approaching car may0336kids - street safety be going.

Teach your child to follow these street safety rules:

  • Stop.

  • Listen for cars.

  • Look both ways.

  • Look at the drivers of the cars and make eye contact.

  • If your child is under nine years of age, they should never cross the street alone. Young children cannot see out of the corners of their eyes as well as adults do.

  • Children should always use sidewalks. Where there are no sidewalks, teach your children to walk as far away from the street as they can.

  • Children should always wear white or light-coloured clothes and reflectors, so they can be easily seen by drivers.

  • Teach your children that railway tracks are only for trains. Playing games at railway crossings is very dangerous. EY

For more information:
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