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Summer Assignment: EXPLORE YOUR WORLD!

Keep kids active, engaged, and learning all summer long, with fascinating nonfiction books from Nat Geo Kids. These summer boredom-busters are filled with fun facts, compelling photography, creative ideas, and interesting activities to nurture kids’ curiosity about the world and all that’s in it.

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Get the Most Popular Kids’ Almanac on the Planet!

New, updated, and just in time for summer reading, the latest edition of the best-selling National Geographic Kids Almanac features 350+ pages of incredible photos, fun facts, news, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, exploration, technology, and more topics of high interest to kids. Always looking for ways to involve readers, the second annual Almanac Newsmaker Challenge, “A Present for the Future,“ invites kids to create a virtual time capsule for kids in 2050 about their life today, photograph it, and share it with other readers around the world. It’s a perfect summer family activity.

Get the details at:

Create your own time capsule!

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The Almanac 2016 was awarded Canada’s Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved seal of approval.

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Get Out and Stay Out!

Studies show what smart moms already know: that going outside is good for kids’ physical and mental development. This spiral-bound, write-in activity book provides all the inspiration and motivation they’ll need, with fun facts, games, puzzles, brainteasers, stencils, stickers, and more.

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Fly Into the World of Birds

Keep younger readers engaged and learning all about their favorite feathered friends with the latest book in the popular Little Kids First Big Books series. From penguins and puffins to ducks and geese to common backyard visitors, this book profiles all kinds of birds and will delight kids with its bright design, fun text, and big, beautiful photographs.  This book is a great introduction to the natural world.

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Weird But True Fun

Kids love Weird But True and the latest title in this hit series might be the greatest yet! This wacky write-in activity book is the perfect summer boredom-buster, packed with outrageous facts (did you know giraffes only need to sleep 90 minutes a day?), 150 cool stickers, brain-busting puzzles, and activities. Creative prompts get kids reading and thinking, writing, stickering, and, of course, doodling!

You can browse the series at:

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More Brainy Awesomeness

Keep kids curious about the world with this big glitzy, gifty book, full or thousands (5,000 to be exact) of clever, little knowledge nuggets about all kinds of interesting topics, from sloths to soccer to Star Wars, and beyond. Did you know that the world’s first Ferris wheel was designed for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair by George Ferris and could hold more than 2,000 riders at once? Or that if you cry in space, your tears will stick to your eyeball and face and form a big giggly ball?  Or that some mussels can live for up to 50 years? Well, now you do! And so can they.

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Create Your Own Olympics story!

These handy, affordable, and highly portable fill-in-the-blank storybooks are just the ticket to keep the backseat brigade busy and amused. What’s unique about THESE fill-in books is that they tell a complete story customized by the owner/author. They’re also hilarious with cute color illustrations on top of real photographs throughout. Kids have nearly 20 adventures to choose from – Olympic sports, safari, amusement park, ancient Egypt, space, and more. Great for travel, camp, and those “I’m bored” moments. Good giveaway for birthday parties, too! 

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