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Timeout with Nanny Robina: Handling Bumps and Bruises

Time out with nanny robina
My son is eight and makes every bump or bruise into a huge ordeal. I have tried ignoring it, or instead congratulating him when he manages to get a scrape and doesn’t make it a huge
issue. I am afraid that if he ever gets hurt I am not going to take it seriously. I am also concerned that he is going to get labelled a cry baby. Any suggestions?

I have looked after a few children like this; their mother was the one responsible as she would often run and address them at every fall, and all it made for was a bit of a wimp! I think what you’re doing is a good way to handle it. However if you feel it’s not working, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat’em, join’em.
Next time it happens try a little over-acting too. For instance, when you’re at the park and all the
moaning starts head it off with, “Oh my, you’re right, if it hurts that much we had better get you home and tucked in bed.” Now I wonder how he will feel once in bed with no TV, no one to fuss up to and no attention! I have a feeling that he may think twice next time. I once had to make sick days a little uncomfortable for an older child I was a nanny to. She liked her time at home too much and would get sick often. Once I realized and made those days not so attractive, she preferred school.

Published in October 2010.

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