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Timeout with Nanny Robina: Should a Child Get Paid For Chores?

Should a child get paid for helping around the house?

There’s nothing wrong with a little of both. Give them a list of chores that you expect them to do, according to their age and capabilities. Then give them a second list of chores they can choose to do if they want to earn a little extra cash. They’ll soon see that money doesn’t grow on trees and understand the true value of hard-earned money! You can always reward with other treats, such as a sleepover or a favourite dessert. Allowance policies differ from family to family and you’re certainly going to hear about the classmate who gets a hefty allowance and the one who doesn’t have to do any chores. Never mind. Use this as an opportunity to remind your child that every house has different rules. Do what you think is fair and reasonable according to your income, your child’s spending needs and your household needs.

Published March 2010

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