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Nursery Water: A Quintessential Essential

Nursery Water: A Quintessential Essential - Parents Canada

Nursery water - parents canada

Making sure the water you’re using to prepare your baby’s food and bottles is safe, can be tough. While in most communities, tap water is considered safe to drink, you’re still potentially putting your wee one’s brand new stomach at risk for potential gastro intestinal troubles and can never be 100% sure what’s in it.

That’s why Nursery Water, which has been around and trusted for the last 70 years, is such an essential part of daily life with a baby.

A quintessential essential - parents canada

Demineralized by steam distillation, as well as ozonised and filtered, you can be sure that Nursery Water is a pure, clean product to offer your child.

It’s great not only for keeping little one’s hydrated, but also for making formula or homemade baby food or cereal.  I’ve always personally, as a formula feeding mama to both my boys, loved it for making bottles. It always gave me the peace of mind knowing I was using the cleanest water available to feed them with, and found it extra useful while camping in the summers and not always having clean water readily available.

I also enjoyed having Nursery Water handy when traveling, as it was easy and convenient to stash a jug in the trunk or cooler-whether it be beach days or visits to Gran’s house, you knew the water you were using to mix bottles and cereal was consistent and clean.

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Nursery Water is available for purchase in Canada at Walmart and Toys R Us.

Nursery water: a quintessential essential - parents canada

This post was sponsored and compensated by Nursery Water and Parents Canada and is entirely my honest opinion and review.

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